Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sony SS-CN5000 Dual 5.25" Center Channel Speaker (each, black)

!±8± Sony SS-CN5000 Dual 5.25" Center Channel Speaker (each, black)

Brand : Sony | Rate : | Price : $69.99
Post Date : Aug 13, 2011 21:31:45 | Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Sony Center Channel Speaker

  • Dual 5.25" H.O.P. cone drivers
  • 1" nano-fine balanced dome tweeter
  • 150-Watt maximum input power
  • 8-ohm speaker impedance
  • New BRAVIA matching design

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Understand the performance data in Car Audio Systems

!±8± Understand the performance data in Car Audio Systems

Information on the performance of car audio systems are not readily understood by a whole series car audio beginners. It can almost be times when the producers make it seem deliberately confusing! But with a few simple bits of information, it may all seem relatively easy to understand.

Technical data for amplifier

The amplifiers are crucial to give your car audio system, the more energy is needed. He gets an electronic signal by energy from the power supply and power modulationprovided in accordance with the flow. The power delivered to a system only measure watts RMS, is another misleading or inaccurate measurement. A quick glance at the manual are intended to measure the maximum power output in watts, which should not be exceeded.

Speaker Specifications

Unlike amplifiers that shows the power specifications, how much power they can cope with them all. From this amplifier is measured in watts RMS. Although you might thinka specific higher power is better in this case can not be. With speakers, it is only important that the quality are made.

Reasons for a speaker may need a higher power specifications, has a significantly lower sensitivity and requires more strength, to increase sensitivity - as best we can just play louder, with a higher power.

It is usually best to adjust the power for the amplifier and speakers, to meet the specifications. For example, ifThe speakers require a maximum of 200 watts, the amplifier should provide a maximum of 200 watts. However, these specifications do not necessarily have to match exactly as a speaker, whose maximum power is 400 watts 100 watts playing an amplifier to handle and still perfectly good. Remember that exceed the maximum power amplifier non-specific specifications of the speakers.

Understand the performance data in Car Audio Systems

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